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Why We Opened A Gym

We never planned on opening a gym. Ever. Never Ever.

BUT, here we are. Less than month from opening the doors to public! & we are SO excited.

We've had a lot of people ask, why? "Didn't you just open the chiropractic office last year? Why are you opening a gym?"

Yes, we did. If you haven't checked out Paradigm Sport & Spine you should. In regards to Paradigm Fitness, buckle up and read below.

How It Started:

If you’ve read our bio, you know that Seth and I own a Chiropractic office. We both have a background in physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports performance. We know from experience that the downfall of many (if not most) physical therapy & chiropractic offices is that when someone graduates treatment, they get a handshake and t-shirt and sent out the door with a “call me if you need me!”

Which is great, but also sucks as most of the people we see in clinics fit in 1 of 3 categories:

1. They are trying to lose weight end up getting injured.

2. They are an athlete or are generally active and end up getting injured

3. The are sedentary and due to lack of movement they end up getting injured.

They finish treatment and get better. But what about what happens when they step out the door? Most of the time these people are fearful to move again or they fall back into pain because they don’t know how to approach exercise safely or, in the case of #3 they go back to not moving at all.

In essence, Paradigm Fitness started as way to transition patients back to activity or introduce exercise in a safe environment with quality coaches and instructors that we trust. We want to eliminate the question of what could happen when they step out the door & rather, present them with a plan tailored to meet their needs.

How It’s Going:

While the previous items stated still are very true. Our mission at Paradigm has evolved into so much more.

We want to be community leaders in inclusive fitness. Our goal is to meet you where you're at & provide the tools, accountability, and coaching to take you to where you want to be, safely.

We want to help people be healthier and lead more active lifestyles with the support of coaches and a community that provides accountability, builds each other up and productively challenges each other to be better.

Never stepped foot inside a gym before? No worries, come on in! Let's sit down and get to know each other and learn your goals at one of our free No Sweat Intros. Everyone has to start somewhere. I can't think of a better way to start than a fun environment with a community who supports you, a personalized, prescribed plan to meet your needs, and with coaches who know the body and how to adapt movement.

We want people to walk in the door and be excited, not intimated by a non-traditional gym. The whole "I'm not fit enough to workout at Paradigm!" is not a valid excuse. Isn't the point of working out somewhere to be healthier and to get fitter? That's why we show up here. We're all at different levels, but we celebrate our differences & our victories together as we make headway towards our individual goals and push what our bodies can do. ,

So, why did we open a gym?

To make an impact. To create community. To get people moving. To exercise safely. To prevent injury.

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